Clean Energy for WNC


Clean Energy for Western North Carolina (CE4WNC) is a local campaign that makes it easy and affordable for homeowners, businesses, and tax-exempt entities to go solar and invest in energy efficiency. We vet contractors; negotiate discounted solar pricing; and organize energy audits for qualified participants.

Need an Overview?

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Who is qualified to participate?

Homeowners, business owners, and tax-exempt entities located in Western North Carolina may enroll in the CE4WNC program.







How do I enroll?

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How can I learn more before signing up?

Visit our FAQ page or attend one of our free information sessions to learn about the program and technologies, meet the installers, ask questions, and get the details about tax credits, utility rebates, and financing options. See our Upcoming Events section above for details.

How can I volunteer?

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Who are the companies?

We solicited proposals from over 60 solar and energy efficiency contractors in North Carolina and selected six local and reputable companies that we are confident in. Our residential solar installers are Asheville Solar Company and Sugar Hollow Solar. Our commercial solar installers are Renewable Design Associates and Haynes Energy Solutions. Our energy efficiency partners are Conservation Pros and Energy Investment Partners.

How does CE4WNC operate?

Included in the purchase price that we negotiate for campaign participants is a small one-time fee that is paid by the contractor directly to the Clean Energy for Us program so that we can cover our costs and continue administering clean energy campaigns in North Carolina.

Who are our partners?

CE4WNC has partnered with MountainTrue, the WNC Alliance and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE). We are supported by many local community groups and non-profit allies:

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