What is CEFU?

Clean Energy for Us (CE4U) has a simple mission: we want to reduce the use of polluting fossil fuels by helping people adopt clean energy and increase the energy efficiency of their homes, businesses, and organizations.

Southeastern organizations and community groups that demonstrate a high level of interest in our mission may apply to participate in a CE4U campaign. If chosen, we will provide the management and support needed to accomplish a successful grassroots campaign that cuts through the three barriers that keep people from adopting solar: cost, red-tape, and the “couch potato” syndrome.

CE4U cuts costs by relieving customer acquisition costs for installers. In other words, the installers don’t have to pay for sales and marketing – the campaign does that legwork. We cut the red-tape and “couch potato” barriers by vetting installers for the customer; setting up educational events to explain the technology, incentives, and financing options; and creating limited-time campaigns with incentives (like a free energy audit or a group price discount) in different areas to get people to act fast to reduce their dependence on dirty energy.

Our success centers on strong grassroots leadership and engaged community volunteers who help us get the word out and influence change in their communities. If your community group would like more information on the campaign or would like to apply to partner with Clean Energy for Us in the future, please click here.